Staring at that wooden countertop wishing it was marble or quartz? Perhaps you’re longing to refresh the chipped backsplash or peeling paint caused by general wear and tear? 

Cue: the kitchen renovation.


If you’re like many homeowners who have been dreaming of a modern kitchen renovation, we’ve created a short list of must-haves to turn your space into a show-stopper as the hub of your home. You’ll finally be able to invite the whole family over for Sunday brunch or have a welcoming area for the kids to sit and do their homework.

First – we’ll quickly define the meaning of a modern kitchen. To us, it’s all about clean lines, open spaces, simple yet functional design, and a few custom pieces to make every project completely unique. With that in mind, here’s our pro tips to achieve the look you’ve been dreaming of:

1. Modern Kitchen Cabinets 

Outdated cabinets are the number one way for kitchens to feel like you just stepped into a 70s sitcom show. For a modern look, you’ll want to choose a cabinet door that is smooth and flat – without panels or embellishments like the typical shaker style cabinets. 

Although wood cabinets can still work to achieve a modern look, you could also look at metal, glass, or stainless steel. But the choice is completely yours depending on how modern you would like to go. The main element to remember is your flat paneled cabinet door.


2. Large Kitchen Island 

These days a modern kitchen is all about open concepts, and what better way to create it than a large kitchen island. For a modern kitchen renovation, you’ll not only want to think about the size, the countertop materials from marble to quartz, the style (waterfall or single horizontal surface), but also the colour.  

For a truly modern aesthetic, try adding a pop of colour to your kitchen island. This 2022, nature-inspired greens have become increasingly popular like a soft sage or deep emerald paint. Or – if you’re wanting to keep it more neutral, you could try a warmed up gray or rich terra-cotta colour paint. But remember to keep it fresh, bright, and open.

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3.  Beautiful Tile Backsplash

Your backsplash in the kitchen bridges the gap between your wall and countertop, as well as protects your wall from the inevitable splashes of cooking. Of course, tile makes it easier to protect and clean, but more than that, it helps to add a modern aesthetic to your kitchen renovation. 

Not sure which tile backsplash to choose? The subway tile is a classic and one of the most popular trends on the market. Large subway tiles in particular help create light and the appearance of space. You can choose from number of different options now on the market from bold blacks and glossy whites to natural gray herringbone. 

Looking to take your design one step further? You could also look at tiles like a luxurious marble hexagon backsplash or elegant glass or slate tile. Just remember – you want it to be clean, timeless and understated.

4. Fresh Lick of Paint

White, gray, blue, and green are some of the most popular modern kitchen paint colours. But when choosing your paint to create the look you’ve been dreaming of, the shade is crucial. You don’t want to go too bright or neon, or you’ll fall back into the 70s look all over again. You’ll want to go for lighter tones that brighten your space such as Aegean Teal by Benjamin Moore, Decorators White also by Benjamin Moore, Quiet Rain by Glidden, or Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams. 

If you’re going for a dark kitchen with navys or bold blacks, be sure to make sure there’s enough natural light and good lighting to pull the look off. The main element here is to remember you need a paint that inspires a bright, sophisticated, and sleek look.

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5. Feature Lighting

We’ve all heard the saying lighting is everything. And feature lighting is a great way to finish a modern look for big impact. At Bustos Renovations, we can either shop around for you based on a mood board and suggestions you send us or you can purchase special feature items yourself for us to install. We work closely with our electrician so you will be in the very best hands. In terms of choosing light fixtures for your kitchen, there are many options to choose from. 

If you want to make a statement you might want to consider a small chandelier with multiple lightbulbs above your kitchen table or drop down pendant lighting above your kitchen island.  

If you want an interesting modern aesthetic, another idea could be mixed metal (silver, gold, brass). 

If you want simple and minimal, you can never go wrong with pot lights.


6. Modern Hardware

Sometimes you might think of the hardware last. But hardware is an important part of your kitchen renovation or upgrades. Our recommendation is a modern pull. Because they are larger handles, they function better and add a simple yet streamlined look. The modern cabinet pull is made from materials like stainless steel or glass to maintain a clean, refined aesthetic. You can choose from a selection of colours like matte gold, matte black or brushed steel – as well as a selection of shapes like the square, the simple bar, or the curved. It will just depend on your preferences!




Looking for help with a modern kitchen renovation or upgrade? Get in touch today to discuss your unique needs and have us develop a renovation plan that enhances the way you live.  

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