There’s countless benefits when it comes to home remodeling. From the simplicity of the joy your house inspires all the way to boosting the value of your property, homeowners or investors and landlords can certainly enjoy a profitable return on their investment.

If you’re thinking about hiring a renovation company for some home remodeling services this year, here’s 5 must-haves we think you’ll want to consider:


1. Kitchen Island 

What do all home reno dreams have in common? A stunning centerpiece that will also add to your resale value. If you have the square footage, placing a kitchen island in your home has many advantages – even without being ten foot long! You’ll immediately gain more counter space, more storage, an extra place to eat and there’s so many options for materials that you can find something to suit every budget.  

We believe an island is the perfect addition for both large families and single homeowners alike.


2. Entryway Built-Ins 

Nothing says hello better than a beautiful entrance. And nothing says beautiful entrance better than an entryway built-in.  

At Bustos Renovations, we love building custom built-ins for our clients and the entryway is the perfect place to start. You can finally tidy up those shoes, hang all your coats and add something special to greet your guests. This is also a great opportunity to add a pop of colour for those who dare. 


3. Freestanding Bathtub 

Another statement piece that adds a wow factor to your home: the freestanding bathtub. For the traditional homeowners, the clawfoot or single-ended tub might be your dress to impress. Or if you fancy yourself a bit of a modernist, perhaps you’ll want to go for the double-ended or Japanese soaking tubs.  

Before starting any home renovation, we always spend some time talking with our clients to help them select the perfect materials to suit their style. We’re also happy to order and collect them to make the process as easy as possible for you.


4. Fresh Paint 

Budget friendly and the easiest way to make an impact! For any home remodeling project, you always need a fresh lick of paint for a professional and sleek finish. Word on the home reno block this 2022 is that Evergreen Fog is the Sherwin-Williams colour of the year. From refacing kitchen cabinets to full bathroom renovations, we always make sure fresh paint is on the list.


5. Replace Old Carpet with Wooden Floors 

This one is a must! Hauling out the old carpet will guarantee a huge transformation. We personally love wooden floors because they are low maintenance and you won’t see those stains from when you spilled red wine last week or your kid took a black marker pen and decided to embody Picasso for the day. When working with us, we’ll go through a range of options for quality materials from our trusted suppliers to suit your needs. If you have something particular in mind, we’re also happy to discuss.


Need the help of a professional home remodeling company? Contact Felipe Bustos today to discuss your project or visit our service pages for more information. We proudly serve Squamish, the Sea to Sky Corridor, West Vancouver, Whistler and beyond.