The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most popular spaces to renovate after the kitchen. It’s also a service that has become one of our signatures over the last few years at Bustos Renovations.

After completing a wide range of bathroom renos from large to small, simple updates to full remodels, we’ve compiled an easy list of ideas for your next refresh so you can achieve a modern, updated look.

Here’s what we know:

1. Swap out the vanity

Impactful and caters to all budget types. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Ikea have a large selection of vanities that will immediately give your bathrooms an elevated look. You can also find many top-of-the-line vanities from the comfort of your own home on sites like Wayfair and Canaroma. 

No matter if it’s a switch to double sinks and marble counters or simply replacing the avocado sink with a fresh white one, swapping out the vanity is one of the easiest and fastest ways to upgrade your look.


2. Tile your floors

This item perhaps isn’t the easiest simply due to the fact it is definitely time intensive, however how could we not include it in our list to bring your vision to life?

Tiling your floors is a great way to bring a unique design element into your bathroom. Not only that, they’re also easier to maintain in wet environments, longer-lasting and are ultimately extremely cost-effective (you won’t need to replace them any time soon). This makes them beautiful and functional – the type of combination we love to see at Bustos Renovations. Read our latest blog article on why.

3. Update the hardware

Gold, chrome or black? Updating your faucets, shower heads and vanity hardware is an easy way to add some drama or a contemporary look to your bathrooms. We’re so passionate about this one we actually made the selection part of our bathroom reno packages for our clients to choose from and help determine their desired style. To hear more about this head on over to our bathroom service page or check out of portfolio to see how your hardware can achieve a big transformation with individual style.

4. Replace the vinyl tub and surround

Vinyl is a synthetic, man made material well-known for its low cost and versatility. For this reason, it can be found in many homes worldwide. Unfortunately, we’re here to tell you if you want an updated look and fresh feel in your bathrooms, it’s time to say goodbye to the old vinyl tub and surround!

Now this doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with natural stone tiles and counters if you want something easy. There are many options available on the market like the ever-popular ceramic subway tiles which are easy to cut, cost-effective and durable.

5. Change the cabinet colour

Perfect if you’re hiring a professional or if you’re a self confessed DIY-er, changing your cabinet colours with your choice of paint is a great way to add a new look to your bathroom. If you’re doing it yourself, just make sure you:

  1. Check it’s a material you can easily paint over
  2. Clean the doors and sand them down before you paint 
  3. Add a primer
  4. Choose a paint suitable for bathrooms (IE a damp, humid space)

5. Built-in Shelving

We recently built a bookshelf into our client’s bathroom. Why? Well it wasn’t just a statement piece. It also meant they had more space to store their overflowing book collection, as well as shampoos, soaps and other toiletry items. With built-in shelving, you can add custom pieces to your home while maximizing your space the best way possible.

We’ve made it our mission to add stylish niches, tiled floors and built-in storage to every bathroom in Squamish, West Vancouver, Whistler and beyond to give your homes a splash of something special.


Need the help of a professional bathroom renovation company? Contact Felipe Bustos today to discuss your project or visit our service pages for more information.